Venenschule Tegernsee GmbH

Venenschule Tegernsee GmbH

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Lab Supplies

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Venenschule Tegernsee GmbH



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Venenschule Tegernsee GmbH
Tegernseer Str. 101
837 00

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Professional vacuum cleaners

We supply professional vacuum cleaners, cleaning and hotel vacuum cleaners for everyday use. Vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning and professional vacuum cleaners, dry - wet, one-and three-phase, and special air-driven vacuum cleaners with an absolute HEPA and ULPA filtration.

Rope and chain tackles

In addition to the variety of brands we offer rope and chain tackles DEMAG. These rope and chain tackles are particularly well-known for their reliability and indestructibility. We offer them in tonnages up to 4 tons, chain tackles, and tonnage up to 30 tonnes, rope tackles.

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